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4 Advantages of Being an Introvert

Aug 20, 2021

Are you an introvert trying to excel in a world created for extroverts? It can be challenging to recognize the advantages of being an introvert in our world. It may feel like extroverts have an advantage over you in relationships, workplace environments, and in everyday life situations.

I’m here to tell you they don’t have an advantage. You are just as capable at thriving as an extrovert is, in fact, there are four distinct advantages to being an introvert!

An introvert is defined as, “a person whose personality is characterized by introversion : a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone.”

We know you’re so much more than a “quiet person.” You are magic.



It may seem odd that someone who is typically reserved would be good at relationships, but that’s the exact point.

When an introvert decides to be with someone — whether as a friend, a partner, or in another form of relationship — they are intentionally choosing to commit to that relationship.

Introverts tend to slowly build trust in a potential relationship, and this creates a firm foundation which leads to a long-lasting relationship. This level of trust is an incredible gift to any relationship.

Another advantage that introverts have in a relationship is that they tend to be good listeners. This is valuable to establish a deeper connection. They ensure that the person they’re investing in feels heard and they are often good at acknowledging how that person is feeling.

In a professional world, introverts are good leaders and teachers. They have the patience and ability to develop healthy relationships with their coworkers or students, and they are intentional in creating safe environments where people can thrive.


Our world is continually changing. Fashion, media, and society as a whole are in a rapid whirlwind that is hard to keep up with. Introverts tend to take a step back from the chaos of the world and focus on what they want, desire, and need.

This lack of desire to be trendy leads to originality and creativity that can only be embraced by someone who is willing to observe from the sideline.

A benefit of originality is that introverts tend to be good problem solvers. When you spend enough time observing, you tend to develop a strong sense of understanding of how the world around you works.


If you’ve spent time with someone who is thoughtful, you know how it can positively impact your entire mood. Thoughtful people think before they speak, they listen intently, and they are gentle with their responses.

Rather than saying anything that comes to mind, introverts tend to filter their thoughts to ensure that their words are meaningful, insightful, and impactful. Introverts are often wise and offer great advice.

An introvert’s thoughtfulness goes beyond their choice of words and flows into their actions as well. Introverts often observe those around them and are aware of how their actions may positively or negatively impact someone. This thoughtfulness enables people to trust introverts because they can find confidence in knowing that their words and actions are well thought out.


Did you know that there are people who won’t do something they enjoy if other people aren’t going to be joining them?

This may seem like an impossible truth to introverts, but it is true! Some extroverts won’t go for a walk on their own, or they won’t go to the mall, or eat at their favorite restaurant without another person joining them.

Extroverts tend to rely on finding joy and fulfillment from the people around them, but what happens when they’re alone? Having the ability to enjoy spending time alone is a huge advantage for introverts. This independence allows introverts to enjoy the little things in life. Being independent and knowing how to enjoy time with yourself can open a world of possibility.

Independence is also a valuable asset in a workplace environment. When an introvert is assigned tasks, they can complete them with minimal supervision. Independence in the workplace is a big advantage for employers.

Being an introvert in an extroverted world definitely has its advantages. It is a gift to be introverted.


If any of the four advantages introverts possess ring true for you, then I invite you to explore my other post Am I An Empath? 5 Surprising Questions to Ask Yourself.


Lola L’Amour is a spiritual mentor, healer, creator of the Future Ancients podcast and founder of the Anima Mystery School. 


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LOLA L’AMOUR is a spiritual mentor; offering private mentorship and transformational retreats. She is the creator of the Future Ancients podcast, founder of the Anima Mystery School, and bestselling author of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot.

When Lola is not supporting her community, you’ll find her on her mat, out for a hike, or adventuring with her husband and 2 kids. To receive Lola’s support, please reach out to her on the contact page.

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