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I create spaces where humans come home to themselves.

To reactivate their wild aliveness. To reclaim their belonging.
To touch into something both ordinary and extraordinary…
To facilitate healing, to catalyze transformation.

To BE medicine.

I support high-performance people who, from the outside looking in, have it “made”…

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

You have the income, the lifestyle, the milestones… But, on the inside?
You feel a deep and excruciating disconnection from yourself,
your soul, and the magic of being fully alive.

You no longer want to box yourself in with a career (or relationship) that’s great on paper
but leaves your heart feeling heavy and your mind both anxious and depressed.

You no longer ascribe to the religious paradigms that you were raised to believe in,
and walking through that fire almost cost you everything.

Perhaps you’ve even experienced a profound healing experience
and would love nothing more than to—in some way—facilitate that for others.

Why—if your life checks all the boxes—
do you still feel so empty?


If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

Rest assured, you may not have to walk away from the job or the relationship.

But, in order to feel aligned with your Soul and Spiritually fulfilled,
you absolutely must do one thing….

But first, lemme introduce myself.

Hey, I’m LOLA L’AMOUR. In 2011, I walked away from my “great on paper” life.

One day, after doomscrolling on Facebook and landing on a meme that called out all parents for being liars, I realized that I would be lying to MY baby if I told him he could be whatever he dreamed of when he grew up… 

At the time, I was doing anything but.

That post was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It pitched me headlong into a Spiritual Awakening and a brutal reckoning (or is it wreckoning) that led to the dissolution of nearly every aspect of my life.

My story went viral, and I began to help people navigate their own identity crises as I simultaneously redesigned my existence. While life today is far from perfect (hello, I’m still human!) I am, in many ways, living a life I never thought was possible:

  • I work part-time as a healer, ceremony facilitator, and retreat leader—making full-time income
  • I get paid to travel to incredible places around the world while helping people build their “courage muscles” and transform into their truest selves. Total dream!!!
  • My Intuitive and Spiritual gifts are the foundation of my entire existence – I literally trust them with my life.
  • I’m married to a man who inspires and delights me (well, 90% of the time… let’s be real, he’s human too)
  • I’ve built and curated the most INCREDIBLE community in-person and online
  • Every single day, I get to show up and make a positive difference for someone
  • My children are growing up to be rad humans that teach me every day
  • I have ample evidence that magic is REAL and healing of even the deepest wounds is possible
  • and most importantly…


To support your journey, I’ve invested years of time to study supportive modalities and build a relevant—and ever-evolving—skillset.

My studies have included: earning a Permaculture Design Certificate, pursuing a 3-year program in clinical herbalism with the Self Heal School plus a yearlong program with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, becoming a Certified Soul Mentor with Robin Rice, depth training on the impact + healing of trauma in the nervous system, intensive learning about animal behavior, an evolutionary astrology apprenticeship with Steven Forrest, and healing work with numerous teachers in the US, Peru, and Mexico. 

I have also explored, embraced, and integrated the healing traditions and pathways of my Norse, Celtic, and Saxon ancestral lineage.

To date, I have more than 12,000 hours of holding sacred space, guiding, counseling, coaching, and mentoring an inspiring community of humans. 

As a result, I am able to create world-class, totally unique, and incredibly powerful transformations for my clients – no matter whether we are in a coaching container, on retreat together, or in ritual.

I have zero doubt that this work can change your life…


If you say YES.

Because, that’s the one thing you must do.
(Yep, I did it, I’m closin’ that loop.)

Ya gotta say the scary yes.


No matter how “far” you’ve come on your journey, no matter how much success you have on the outside, there is always the next terrifying, edgy, intuitive, irrational, and confronting YES to say.

At some point, your existing level of consciousness and skillset will need to expand if you want to keep growing.

Sure, your protection patterns will probably kick in for awhile.

Even though other people will see you as being brave, intuitive, and soulful (and they’re correct!), you‘ll know there are things you’re avoiding. You’ll stay distracted, keep yourself busy, and somehow play it safe… 

(Don’t feel bad, we ALL do it—it’s how our brains are wired.)

AND. When you feel called to shift, expand,
+ dream (even) bigger…

I invite you to explore my offerings below and lean into
the one(s) your body responds to.

Then schedule a call with me. I’ll help you get clear on the most supportive option for you, even if that means I refer you to someone else who is a better fit for your needs.

mystery school

Gather in community with other healers, coaches, therapists, and guides and receive a world-class education and initiation into the Priestess Path.

You’ll have the option to become an ordained Priestess of the Anima Order, and gain confidence, skills, and support to facilitate safe and powerful spaces for transformation.

ENERGY healing

Healing work takes place at my temple space in North County San Diego and consistently delivers sustainable relief from ptsd, c-ptsd, anxiety, depression, and other stressors.

Healing can be facilitated for
individuals, couples, or small groups.

wellness Retreats

Transformational journeys both in the United States and abroad; designed to delight, expand, and refuel your soul.

I curate retreat experiences for intimate groups and as individual immersions.

Please see the Journeys menu link for this year’s experiences.

Not long ago, I was locking myself in the bathroom to cry every night, made myself too busy with work to avoid feeling, thought I would never be able to have real friends, and blocked anyone from loving me. How amazing to be here now… I embody ME. I have a community of soul family. I am able to be totally open and in love… I am forever grateful to you and this work.

E.H., Teacher

With your support, I have completely redesigned my life. I feel at home in my body, I am in the healthiest relationship of my life, and my work is meaningful to me AND the planet. I can’t wait to see what we co-create next!

Kristen, Marketing VP

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