Ignite the
Wild Feminine

Come home to your true nature.

May 12th – 17th, 2024
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

— Anaïs Nin

Imagine for a moment… A crystal clear dark sky spans endlessly above you as sparks fly upward from our evening fire to join a splendor of stars. Owls gently sound in the distance as the moon rises over the ridgeline.

You’ve just spent the day laughing, crying, releasing, and reclaiming lost parts of yourself with a group of grounded, down-to-earth women, women who are quickly becoming some of your closest soul friends.

The mountains’ beauty is starting to seep into the very depths of your being. Something about their lush, rooted, powerful nature is helping you remember who you really are…

The Smoky Mountains hold ancient wisdom…

As a part of the Central Pangean Mountains that once climbed through lands now known as Scotland, Ireland, Northern Africa, the Smoky Mountains are part of one of the oldest, original mountain ranges on Earth.

They have traveled wide, and yet are rooted deep… 

As are you.

With blue mists rising over old-growth forests and bubbling crystalline streams, this land beckons those who long to re-connect with their own wildness.

The winds whisper, “Who are you underneath your conditioning?” Who are you without filters or gender roles or expired paradigms running the programs in your mind?

What unfettered Truth yearns to unleash within you?

This question holds every possibility of changing your life.

Does your soul  crave  expression?

If you are a woman who has lost touch with her fierce, creative, passionate, and fully-expressed soul, our Women’s Wellness Retreat in the Smoky Mountains is a chance to re-vitalize your spirit, re-write your story, create powerful friendships, and emerge with your vitality, alignment, and self-trust deeply restored.

What does embodying the wild feminine want to look like in this next phase of your life?

For 5 days and nights, you and an intimate group of soulful women will enjoy an immersive and restorative time at a private retreat residence in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.

We’ll be just outside of Sevierville, Tennessee, underneath an expanse of stars and surrounded by wooded hills. Spring wildflowers will be reaching for the sun, cheering us on as we, too, blossom.


When you’re not enjoying restorative time away from the rigors, distractions, and demands of daily life, you’ll experience embodiment practices, guided meditations, and writing workshops, along with sacred ceremonies to call you home to yourself led by Lola L’Amour.

There will be abundant downtime for rest, organic conversations, and steeping in the mountain medicine.

This retreat is for you if…

You're a woman needing an infusion of creativity and liberation (even if new levels of freedom scares you)

You feel a call to "remember your magic"

You crave the company of like-hearted women

You're open to explore and release expired patterns of thinking

Time in nature soothes, inspires, and restores you

You've questioned or begun to question the values and structures of organized religion as it currently stands

The Deets

When: May 12th-17th, 2024
Where: Sevierville, Tennessee

Your Ticket Includes:

(Excluding airfare)

  • Airport shuttle to our retreat home on both arrival and departure
  • Luxurious lodging of your choice at our retreat getaway 
  • Organic, farm-to-table meals onsite
  • Huntress Activation experience at Ancient Lore Village
  • Optional walking meditation to Grotto Falls + forest bathing 
  • One optional nighttime sacred plant ceremony circle
  • Daily embodiment & writing workshops with Lola
  • Gifts and surprises!

Our Location…  Feral Opulence Awaits

We may be going wild, but we’re gonna do it in style! Nestled in the Smoky Mountain treetops of Sevierville, Tennessee, you’ll find our restorative, rejuvenating home-away-from-home. Our retreat space features a host of luxury amenities including a heated indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, soaring mountain views from two expansive decks, a cozy theatre room, and fully stocked kitchen.

No matter which level of accommodations you choose, you’ll enjoy a bedroom with plush bedding and premium linens, a private spa-like bathroom, and breathtaking views that will evoke the emergence of even the most reticent of inner goddesses.

Sharing circles, guided meditations, movement practices, visionary rituals, and the rest of our sacred work will be witnessed under the panoramic views of the living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Meet Your Guide


 Lola L’Amour has been leading wellness and transformational retreats for over 10 years, both in the United States and abroad. Her mission is to help her clients feel, trust, and know the true nature of who they really are.

As an experienced and heart-centered ceremonialist, she believes that when you’re in an aligned and beautiful environment, the healing you seek occurs with more ease and delight. She is a fiery catalyst, a life + space designer, a medicine priestess, a lover of life, a wife + mother, and a champion of the wild feminine.

She is the founder of Anima Mystery School, author of the sold-out Wild Messengers Tarot, and will be releasing a podcast (her 4th!) in 2024. 

On this retreat, Lola is excited to share her irreverent, practical, and deeply soulful ways to live authentically and trust that you are worthy. Together, we’ll be practicing the art of giving “less f*cks” about the things we can’t control, while going ALL IN on our one wild and precious life.


“Although I’ve had the pleasure to receive guidance from Lola in the past, arriving at her retreat space was the first time I felt her magic in the flesh, and I am not exaggerating when I say the experience she created was life-altering.

Lola is so authentic in her words and actions that I was immediately at ease in her presence, and every aspect of the retreat was lovingly planned, from our cozy shelter and healing spaces to the delightful and nourishing meals. She effortlessly owned her power as our leader while remaining on our level to keep us safe every step of the way, and her true gift as a healer was evident in every breath, song, and touch that moved through her during our medicine ceremony.

The space Lola held allowed us all to embark upon a journey that had us opening, shifting, and releasing in ways we never could have imagined, and I left the desert with a full body knowing of truths I had only glimpsed before – a knowing I trust has been imprinted on my soul.”

-- Sabrina Bolin, Mama and Certified Hypnotherapist

An inside perspective from Erin on what it’s like to attend one of our Retreats.

Plan Your Journey

Your Investment

Private room + bath (King): $3,888

Shared room + bath (King – double occupancy): $3,444

Shared room + bath (Full-sized bunk – 4 spaces available): $3,111

Pricing is per person. 

Your space is guaranteed with a $500 deposit. Within 24 hours of receiving your
pre-retreat questionnaire, Lola will be in touch to confirm your place.
Once confirmed, she’ll collect and process your deposit.


What To Bring

  • Comfortable, layered clothing for movement, nature walks, and outdoor enjoyment.
  • Ceremonial outfits and accessories (aka a soul expression outfit or two)
  • Closed toed shoes suitable for the great outdoors
  • A hat for sun protection
  • Warm jacket for nights around the outdoor fire
  • Personal toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight or headlamp for adventuring
  • Swimsuit for the indoor pool and outdoor hot tub
  • Journal or sketchbook + pen
  • Phone charger cable + portable charger pack
  • Anything you’d like to (temporarily) add to the retreat altar

More packing specifics will be sent out to the group prior to departure.

Flights + Shuttle

Our group shuttle will take you to/from our retreat house in Sevierville.

To participate in the group shuttle:

  • Plan your arrival into Knoxville, TN (TYS) before 4pm on May 12th, 2024.
  • Plan your departure out of Knoxville, TN (TYS) for 3pm or later on May 17th. 

If you will not need the shuttle, plan to arrive to the retreat house by 6pm on the 12th (address and directions to be provided).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Woman to attend?

Yes. The intention of this retreat is to support women in connecting both to their true selves and with other women who are like-spirited. We use the term “women” to include all humans who identify as a woman, including non-binary and trans women.

For many women, friendships with other women have been charged, toxic, and damaging. It can be hard to trust that other women will truly have your back and will welcome and receive you for ALL that you are; your light and  your shadows, your gifts and your imperfections.

Women need a sacred space to recalibrate, amongst others who understand the unique beauty, joys, and frustrations of life as a female. I believe that when women suffer, our society as a whole suffers…  and when women heal, our society heals.

If you are not a woman and desire a similar experience, please make sure you’re on my email list to stay in the loop about other upcoming retreat offerings.

What will be the group size?

We have a maximum of 12 spots to offer for this retreat.

There will be plenty of opportunities for both interaction / connection time as well as space for solitude and reflection.

After the retreat sells out, we will open a wait list in the rare case that there’s a cancellation and a space reopens.

How does the arrival process work?

We have reserved a stunning retreat home in the Smoky Mountains near Sevierville, Tennessee.

It’s about a 30-minute drive from the Knoxville airport, and about 60 miles from Asheville, NC.

Locals are welcome to carpool and drive together to the retreat. If you will be flying in and would like to participate in the group shuttle, we recommend flying into Knoxville, TN (TYS). See above for arrival and departure time recommendations.

Do I need to be vaccinated for Covid to attend?

No vaccinations are required at this time.

What type of plant medicine ceremony is included?

On Tuesday evening, there will be an optional nighttime journey with Psilocybin Mushrooms. Lola has been working with and serving this medicine for many years and she creates a powerful healing container with songs, percussion, and prayer.

Her ceremonies are a distant departure from a “party” experience and facilitate a reverent remembrance of what it means to be a human on this earth. All guests who wish to participate will be pre-screened for safety.

If you do not wish to participate in the ceremony, you’ll be free to spend this time in quiet reflection.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your space before March 15th, 2024, your deposit and any additional payments made will be refunded to you in full.

50% of your deposit and payments will be refunded if you need to cancel between March 16th and April 15th, 2024.

There will be no refunds for any cancellations after April 15th, 2024.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! If you will not be paying in full, your payment plan schedule (less the deposit) will be as follows:

Payment #1: 1/3 of remaining balance due by February 15th
Payment #2: 1/3 of remaining balance due by March 15th
Payment #3: 1/3 of remaining balance due by April 15th

The total balance must be paid in full by April 15th, 2024

How can I get my partner on board with me doing this?

It’s important to feel supported in your decision to come on a journey like this… And, as I remind many of my private coaching clients, asking for support is not the same thing as asking for permission. 

As an adult woman, you do not need permission to follow your heart, but you DO need support from the important people in your life – both emotionally and practically (especially for essentials like transport and childcare).

Support comes more easily when there is a plan and structure already in place. Be thinking to yourself, how can I make this an easy yes for my partner?

If you have children, are there childcare arrangements you can make ahead of time?

How will your relationship benefit from you returning feeling juicier, more alive, and re-inspired?

How will your life shift when you come back even more equipped to handle challenging scenarios with your family?

Sitting with these questions will help you ask for —and receive — the support that you need to say YES to this experience.

(I’ll also help you work through them in the pre-retreat questionnaire below).

Lola… I want in!



 Wonderful! Your next step is to fill out the pre-retreat questionnaire. Your answers will help make sure that the group chemistry will be juicy, aligned, and healing for all.

Lola will respond with any additional questions and/or the deposit link within 48 hours of receiving your form.

When you say yes to something like this, it can change your whole life…

Lola has given me so much love and power, and she’s shown me what I already HAVE inside myself.

Joyce C.

This was the most fun, awakening, and incredible experience that I’ve ever had! If you’re looking to find yourself, and you’re apprehensive about whether a ceremonial retreat can help you…

Please know that there is nothing more enlightening and inspiring than this type of experience with Lola.

Aly D.

There’s a certain magic that happens when you come together as a group with all these people who just said YES & trusted their inner knowing…

Knowing that I will forever have this group of beautiful souls in my life makes me feel held and cared for and loved.

Leslieann H.

“I am taking home so much fertile, creative, life energy from this experience!”

— Katherine A.

Asheville and Costa Rica Retreat Attendee

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