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The Radiant Reinvention Mentorship

All private client work is structured as a series of virtual sessions and in-person immersions,
designed to facilitate a massive elevation in your energy, consciousness, and circumstances.

Part 1: Soul Sessions

We will meet twice monthly online for 10 months to explore a specific sequence of themes that are designed to elevate your perception, patterns, and behaviors. 

In between sessions, I’ll recommend growth-oriented practices for you to explore on your own that will facilitate your embodiment of that month’s theme.


Part 2: Immersion Retreat # 1

Your first in-person immersion is devoted to Sacred Space curation in Ordinary Reality.

For this 5-day 5-night immersion, I will travel to you. We’ll re-imagine your space, and shed the belongings that no longer resonate. Then we’ll go hunting for unique furnishings, decor, and artwork to redesign your space, shift your home into a haven, and amplify your senses of self-trust, inner peace, and sensory delight.

Part 3: Immersion Retreat # 2

Your second 4-day, 3-night in-person immersion will be devoted to Soul Adventure and include practices, rituals, and ceremonies that facilitate altered consciousness and train your system to reliably access the flow state.

We’ll also focus on somatic support and nourishment: through strengthening movement practices, holistic nutrition, and an herbal medicine consult + development of your personal wellness protocol.

This retreat will take place at our Soul Sanctuary retreat center in the mountains north of San Diego, California.

Next Steps

Reach out for a call with our Cosmic Cartographer to help you map your soul journey through this work.

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